Interview with Camri Cochran Senior Editor

Interview with Camri Cochran Senior Editor

Rachel Fulller, Junior Editor

  Camri Cochran is a Senior Editor of the Eye of the Hurricane. Camri will be attending Point Park University in the fall. 

  • What were your favorite parts of high school? 

“I really enjoyed getting to spend time with my friends during school hours, musical and band! 

  • When did you first join the band?

            “Fourth grade.”

  • How do you spend your free time outside of school? 

“I usually just try to do things that help me relax after a long day of school work. I like to listen to music, draw, paint, or just try to do something fun with my friends.” 

  • What was your proudest moment throughout highschool?

               “Being in the cast of Mamma Mia!” 

  • How many years did you participate in the musical?

           “All four years, if you would still count this year.”

  • What was your biggest challenge?

“Balancing my school schedule with my extracurricular schedule.”

  • Any specific teachers you’ll miss?

          “All of them!”

  • What are your plans for after high school?

“I plan to attend Point Park University to study Cinematography!”

“Working on the Eye of the Hurricane has taught me the importance of teamwork and deadlines” -Camri