Presnar vs Cwynar 2020-2021 NFL Season Record Predictions


Brady Cwynar, Anthony Presnar and Sports Editors

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, NFL has no plans for canceling the 2020-2021 season. After safety precautions and multiple changes being made from a normal NFL season, the players will take the field and battle out a full season schedule. In this article, we will make our 2020-2021 NFL season record predictions including the different changes the players will have to adapt to due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 




Patriots: 11-5, Bills: 10-6, Jets: 6-10, Dolphins: 3-13

Even though the New England Patriots lost Tom Brady I still believe that they will win their division by a game over the bills. The Patriots finished 11-5 mainly because of the schedule they had. The Bills had a rough schedule but they dominated but will be in a wild card against the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Bills: 11-5,Patriots: 9-7, Jets: 5-11, Dolphins: 3-13

With 2019-2020 season being the first time the Bills captured 10 wins in a season in over 20 years, it’s only going to get better for the determined squad. Cam Newton will surprise doubters but won’t see the playoffs this year. Jets fans will continue with their disappointment thinking Sam Darnold will take them to wins. Dolphins continue on their shame tour of being the worse team in the AFC East.



Chiefs: 14-2, Broncos: 8-8, Raiders: 7-9, Chargers: 6-10

The Defending Champions continue to dominate the AFC West and the AFC conference. The AFC West could get better in a couple of years with new draft picks even though the Chiefs won their division by 6 games they have 3 teams in their division that are in the rebuilding phase.


Chiefs: 12-4, Broncos: 9-7, Raiders: 8-8, Chargers: 7-9

The Chiefs have no sign of stopping. Will they win the ring again? probably not. The Broncos (as of week 2) have the most injured roster. It’s unfortunate with a team that has so much potential to be this banged up. The whole NFL seems to be on an injury spell. The Raiders seem to be a step up from last year with their brand new stadium. The Chargers will be in last because they have been such a hurting team.



Ravens: 13-3, Steelers: 10-6, Browns: 9-7, Bengals: 5-11

Although the Ravens got knocked out by the Titans in the second round of the playoffs I believe they lose one more game than they did last year, as last year they finished with 14 wins and 2 losses, but I believe they will finish with 13 wins and 3 losses as they have a tough schedule ahead of the 2020-2021 season, but they will still dominate the division for another year. However this division could be getting very close to being a 3-way tie or to be the toughest division in the league, as I believe the Steelers finish with 10-6 and the Browns with 9-7, but all three teams could fight for the division in the upcoming years.


Ravens: 14-2, Steelers: 9-7, Browns: 7-9, Bengals: 6-10

Lamar Jackson is one of the most talented quarterbacks, whether people want to admit it or not. The Steelers will go 9-7 with Ben being back on the squad. Browns will continue to struggle due to Mayfield’s lack of awareness, and the Bengals with Joe Burrow will get a few wins under their belt. The Bengals are in general a very hurting team and could use some more weapons to surround their first-round pick of 2020.



Titans: 10-6, Texans: 9-7, Colts: 8-8, Jaguars: 5-11

The AFC South is one of the divisions that are not as good since wide receiver Deandre Hopkins left the Texans during the 2020 offseason which hurt the team, as that is why I say they finish 9-7 and don’t win the division. The Titans on the other hand dominated the Playoffs last year and were one game away from playing in the Super Bowl. I believe they finish strong with 10 wins and 6 losses as they face some pretty good teams this year.


Titans: 9-7, Texans: 8-8, Colts: 7-9, Jaguars: 4-12

The Titans made their way to the AFC Championship, but they are highly unlikely to see that far this year. Deshaun Watson without De’Andre Hopkins will struggle. The Colts signed a washed-up QB in Philip Rivers and they will only go 7-9. The Jaguars and Minshew Co. will struggle, once again, and only go 4-12 and have to re-evaluate their roster.



Eagles: 12-4, Cowboys: 9-7, Giants: 6-10, Washington Football Team: 4-12

The NFC East finish a little different than last year as both the Cowboys and the Eagles come very close to tying as the Eagles won the division but only by a game at 9-7 and the Cowboys at 8-8, both teams played very sloppy, but I believe the Eagles bounce back from that season and win the division with 12 wins and 4 losses and could have a good playoff run with all the new young talent they picked up from the 2020 draft. The Cowboys finish almost the same as last year but only because of the loss HaHa Clinton- Dix as the team waived their best safety they had. The Giants and the Washington Football team play the same way they did last year (Very Sloppy).


Cowboys: 10-6, Eagles: 7-9, Washington Football Team: 6-10, Giants: 4-12

2020 is the Cowboys year. Dak Prescott is ready to unleash his true potential and lead his squad to the 2020-2021 playoffs. The Eagles will struggle and re-evaluate and think of where did the 2017 team disappear to? Washington will surprise people with 6 wins under their belt but plan to expand in the future. The Giants will sit back and realize they will never get a prime Eli Manning type of QB again and will ultimately go 4-12.



Seahawks: 14-2, 49ers: 13-3, Cardinals:9-7, Rams: 7-9

The NFC West is another one of those divisions that is very hard to win as the 49ers nearly won the super bowl last year, but they definitely could be stronger than they were last year. However, with the pickup of Safety Jamal Adams, I believe the Seahawks finish in first place with 14 wins and 2 losses as they were a great team last year but with Adams who is very hungry to win as he has been stuck in New York with the Jets. This team could be dangerous and make it to the Super Bowl. The Cardinals could take over the division if they make a couple of good pickups especially with the pickup of Wide receiver Hopkins.


Seahawks: 14-2, 49ers: 11-5, Cardinals:10-6, Rams: 9-7,

The Seahawks are a very scary team. Russel Wilson is one of the best that’s in the game, and he and his team is dangerous. It would be very surprised if the Hawks lost more than 2 games. The 49ers are gonna keep going, but 2019-2020 style? No. Kyler Murray and De’Andre Hopkins are a dynamic duo in the making and the Cardinals are going to surprise a lot of people. The Rams will go 9-7 even though this would be enough for the playoffs in most divisions, unfortunately in the NFC West, they’ll end in last.



Packers: 11-5, Vikings: 10-6, Bears: 9-7, Lions: 6-10

On the Other hand, you got the NFC North, another close and almost tying to win the division. I believe the Packers finish 11-5 due to Aaron Rodgers because he just does well every year no matter what. The Vikings will come in second place with 10-6 as I believe they lose to the Packers once and didn’t win enough games. The Bears finish with 9 wins and 7 losses, if the Bears don’t find another quarterback to replace Trubisky they will never win their division because he slows down the offense. They better do something soon until their defense falls apart especially if Khalil Mack gets tired of not winning the division and wants to leave them.


Packers: 12-4, Vikings: 9-7, Bears: 8-8, Lions: 6-10

The Packers and Aaron Rodgers are just going to be unstoppable. The Vikings lost a bunch of offensive threats in the offseason which will make the team struggle. The Bears will continue to be decent, but nothing special team with Trubisky not having really anyone special to throw to. Lions will continue to hurt and be upset with the season outcome.



Buccaneers: 12-4, Saints: 11-5, Panthers: 7-9, Falcons: 4-12

With Cam Newton gone from the Panthers, it’s looking like it’s going to be the Christian Mccaffrey Show, and he will try but won’t win his division. The Buccaneers with Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski coming over heightens the Bucc’s success and they will fight with the Saints to secure the division title. Which I believe the Bucc’s will win the division with 12 wins and 4 losses and the Saints just barely lose and will secure a wild card spot. The Falcons are just in a really down phase where they should be rebuilding their team to be a playoff-contending team before Julio Jones gets either to old and has to retire or just wants to leave the team.


Saints: 13-3, Buccaneers: 10-6, Falcons: 7-9, Panthers: 6-10

Drew Brees is the single best QB in the NFL to date. Drew Brees definitely wants to retire soon, but definitely not without one last ring. The Buccaneers will have to develop with their new QB, Tom Brady. Matt Ryan will surprise a ton of doubter going 7-9. Panthers will overall struggle to go 6-10 and will have to work on getting a franchise QB for Mccaffrey. Saints are my pick to win the Super Bowl.