Will the Patriots Miss Brady


Anthony Presnar, Sports Editor

Tom Brady’s Past History

Recently in the past offseason and free agency, Quarterback Tom Brady declared to leave the New England Patriots after playing for them for an outstanding 20 seasons with them to set an NFL record for the longest time playing quarterback for one organization. He was drafted by the Patriots with the 199th overall pick in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL draft. Brady’s legacy began in 2001 when he took over for quarterback Drew Bledsoe in the second game of the 2001 season and he dominated and took the Patriots to the playoffs. During his run with the Patriots, he managed to lead the Patriots to nine Super Bowls.  The amazing fact is that he played in a total of nine Super Bowls.  After all, that was said, it was very shocking that Brady and the Patriots parted ways after the 2019 season.

Speculations on Brady’s New Home

When Brady finally announced his decision to leave the Patriots there was a lot of speculation that he would land in Las Vegas with the Raiders, in Las Angeles with the Chargers, and possibility in Indianapolis with the Colts. The three teams most people favored them because those teams desperately needed a good quarterback especially with Andrew Luck retiring for the Colts and with the 16-year veteran Phillip Rivers looking for a new place to go and the Raiders have a young Derek Carr, but he just cannot stay healthy long enough for them. All teams were interested in him, but these were the main three, and as well as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were also interested. Brady has played football for the same team for 20 years and with his six rings, you would think the organization would have given him a max contract of some sort, but Brady never really wanted a max deal, but as he gets to his last couple seasons he changes his mind and most likely is one of the main reasons he wants out of New England as they did not want to pay him so he took his talents elsewhere.

Brady’s Decision 

Tom Brady was waiting to see what everyone’s offer was as well as the teams that he had in mind that he wanted to play for. For him, he wanted to play in Tampa Bay, which Tampa wanted him as well and was in contact with him and were trying to finalize an offer so he can come to Tampa Bay. On March 20th, 2020 they reached an agreement to keep Brady in Tampa Bay for two years and worth 5o million dollars guaranteed and that also came with a no-trade clause, which means he would be stuck in Tampa Bay for his full tw0 years.

Game 1 For Brady and the Buccaneers

Looking to make a splash and lead the Bucc’s to a Super Bowl, It was Brady’s time to prove that he truly is the goat. The Bucc’s were facing the New Orleans Saints, Brady looks to beat Brees and send a message to the NFC Conference, but that might not be the easiest task to complete coming to Drew Brees’s division that he has had for quite some time now.

Week 1 Down the Drain for the Buccaneers

Brady looked good on the first drive, where he drove right done the field and did a QB sneak to get his first touchdown in his career with the Bucc’s. However, after his good impression, things turned for worse as he threw for 2 interceptions one that was blatantly his fault and the other one just was bad communication between Brady and wide receiver Mike Evans. They fall 0 and 1 to the Saints by a final score of 34-23. Head Coach of the Buccaneers Bruce Arians did not hold back during the press conference after the loss about Brady’s two picks. Some comments he made may have not been stated about the six-time Super Bowl champion, but they were because Arians expected nothing but greatness out of Brady. But the Patriots starting the season with star quarterback former M.V.P of the league Cam Newton, looking to go 1-0 which they do, and were 1-0 with Newton. The question comes down to this stated by the media, “Was it Brady that made the Patriots good or was it the brains of the coach of the Patriots Bill Belichick?… I guess that question will get answered at the end of the season to see which organization goes further in the playoffs…