Is the Coronavirus Killing the NFL? Fall Preview!!!


Anthony Presnar, Sports Editor

The Impact of the Virus

The first NFL team to contract the virus was the Atlanta Falcons, but it wasn’t a ton of team members it was just rookie cornerback A.J. Terrell. However, the technical first team to get it and took out most of their players was the Tennessee Titans which they couldn’t even name who on the team had the virus. Week 4 came around and the Titans were set to play the Pittsburgh Steelers, but the day before the game they had eight more players test positive for the Coronavirus. The game could not be played because some players on the Titans were around each other during the last practice. If the game went on to be played they would be putting both organizations at a very high risk of more people getting the virus. Not just that game, but when it was stated that Patriots quarterback Cam Newton tested positive for the virus, you would think their game would have been canceled and had to be rescheduled for a different day. The Patriots were 2-1 before going into week 4, but with the former MVP quarterback Cam Newton not being able to play the big game for the Patriots against the Chiefs on Monday Night at 7:05, they’re chance of winning was a slight chance as back up quarterback Brian Hoyer was getting the start.

Patriots vs ChiefsĀ 

Chiefs were expecting a blowout, but the Patriots defense kept it very close as the first quarter they kept the Chiefs out of the end zone and held them to two field goals. The second quarter ended even better in favor of the Patriots as they scored 3 and the Chiefs scored 0. The Patriots defense looked amazing but in the last two quarters the Chiefs scored two touchdowns and the Patriots only managed to get 1 and lost 26-10. Without Cam Newton, the Patriots will not make it to the Playoffs so when he does come back they will most likely praise him for his presence. Shortly after the game on Tuesday Patriots star cornerback, Stephon Gilmore tested positive for the virus, which puts both teams in jeopardy for COVID-19. After their game, Gilmore shook hands with Patrick Mahomes, which is scary that Mahomes contracted the virus. But as of now, both teams are still going to play their next games, but that could change depending on who else gets the virus.