Coping with COVID: Tips to Keep Calm


Brady Cwynar, Junior Editor

You could be currently feeling a little or a lot of unrest due to COVID-19, just hang in you’ll get through this. Here are a few tips for you to stay positive. 

Stay Positive – The COVID-19 severity may not last much longer even if it’s not until 2022 that life returns to normal, stay positive! 

Take A Deep Breath – take a moment to take a breather, sometimes people get overwhelmed and forget to calm themselves. 

You’re Not Alone – You’re not the only one facing this pandemic! There are way more sunny days to come.

Listen to Music – Music is a good way to keep your mind off anything you don’t want to think about.

Find A Calm Way to Express Your Thoughts – People universally have different ways to cope with certain situations.. Feel free to express yourself.

Disconnect From Social Media – Social Media is probably THE biggest way to spread fake news. Fake news can induce anxiety especially if you fall into the trap of believing fake media.