NFL 2020 Trade Deadline Coming to an End…With NO Trades!

Anthony Presnar, Sports Writer

Trade Deadline on November 1st

With the NFL trade deadline coming on November 3rd there so far has been no trades and was looking to be one of the few trade deadlines with no teams trading with other teams.  It would be very shocking if there were no trades before the deadline as there are top teams gearing up for the post season and look to go for a Super Bowl win and hoist the Lombardi Trophy. Many teams that said or are saying they will make a splash before the trade deadline has ended, so far have not. The New England Patriots have said they are basically putting their whole team up for grabs even veteran corner back,  Super Bowl champion and 3x pro bowler Stephon Gilmore although it is to be believed that in order to give him up they would have to have something huge in return as he is one of the best if not the best corner in the league currently.

Trade Deadline November 2nd

There is one more day until the trade deadline comes to an abrupt ending… The first trade that shocked everyone was the Steelers trading for a star young linebacker in Avery Williamson. Steelers main reason for needing a linebacker is because of star line backer Devin Bush going down with a knee injury as the Steelers are 7-0 and are looking to add a Super Bowl championship and be the franchise with the most championships as if they win the Super Bowl they will have 7 ships.  Although the Steelers were not the only teams making trades. Only two other teams that made trades were the Saints and the Titans. The Saints traded for linebacker Kwon Alexander from the 49ers which they definitely won that side of the trade as all they had to give up was a linebacker that was old and a late pick. The Titans traded a 7th rounder for former Chargers corner Desmond King. These have been the only trades up to this point and till the end which is November 3rd.