Holiday Traditions


Read about some people’s favorite things to do around the holidays. I asked my friends around school what their favorite holiday traditions are. One of my favorite holiday traditions is baking all the cookies my family will eat at our Chritmas gatherings. We bake over 28 dozen cookies. I used an instagram poll to find this out.


Christmas Tradititons

1-Decorationg the house with my mom (1 persons answer)

2-Baking Christmas cookies with my family ( 3 peoples answers)

3-Building a gingerbread house, having a competitions with them (2 peoples answers)

4-Picking out our family Christmas tree (2 peoples answers)

5-Decorating the Christmas tree ( 5 peoples answers)

6-Traveling  (1 persons answer)


So many people love doing things around the holidays with their families rather alone. The most popular answer was decorating the Christmas tree with their families. Out of 14 people, 5 said this so that’s 36 percent of people. The least picked option was traveling, 1 person and then a write in (Decorating the house with my mom).