Will The Steelers Follow Up Their Undefeated Season and Make a Run in the Playoffs or Will They Fall?

Anthony Presnar

Are the Steelers Really 8-0?

The answer to this question is yes the Steelers are 8-0, but their schedule says otherwise as most of the teams they face are either under .500 or just at .500. The Steelers are good however they can barely hang on to close games against bad teams and against good teams they struggle and if they played any team that was relatively good and well over .500 they would probably lose. Their 8 wins have came against the Browns, Giants, Eagles, Ravens, Broncos, Texans, Titans, and the Cowboys, which 5 of the 8 teams they beat have a .500 or lower record this season. The sad part is Steeler fans believe they will actually go far in the playoffs, but in all reality if the Steelers faced an actual challenge and if they were to lose that would just show that their record doesn’t matter and they won’t make it past their first game in the playoffs. Not to mention the Steelers have one of the if not the softest/ easiest schedule in the NFL.

What the Steelers are Good at

The Steelers have an amazing defense especially because most of their defensive backs and linebackers are young talent and are very speedy ball hawks. They lead the league in turnovers last season and still continue to keep forcing turnovers.

Steelers Cons

Steelers have a veteran quarterback in the form of Ben Roethlisberger, a 2 time Super Bowl champion, but he is getting up there in age and he keeps hurting his shoulder/elbow, which this can also put a damper on the rest of his career. The Steelers would most likely go after a quarterback in the future NFL Drafts as Ben won’t be there much longer. They really are a decent football team, but in the near future this team won’t be winning a Super Bowl any time soon and there will be a new Steelers and won’t be the same as they once were. Their dynasty will soon come to an end.