Learn About Zac Gibson and the Q-Story!


Rachel Zona, Senior Editor

When stumbling upon this article, many may be thinking, what is the Q-Story? It is a podcast hosted by New Castle High’s very own Zac Gibson! I had the amazing opportunity to contact him to help others learn more about it, along with the true story behind the Q-Story. Here’s how it went:

  • What made you start “THE Q-STORY”?

There are so many reasons to be honest, but mostly I want to show my listeners that everyone’s life is just as vivid, valid, and complex as your own. We’re always so caught up in what we’re doing, we sometimes forget that we aren’t the only people out there. THE Q-STORY  is meant to remind its listeners to be mindful of others through discussion of topical subjects.

  • How do you come up with new questions constantly? Inspirations?

I am constantly looking for concepts and topics that can challenge THE Q-STORY listeners’ way of perceiving the world. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to have questions just pop into my head and I’ll rip off the closest piece of paper I can find and just jot down words trying to fully form the thought. 

  • How successful has your viewing been?

I would certainly say pretty successful given the support it received from local listeners, as of today, (12-17-20) season 1 has just under 400 listeners. Hopefully, these awesome listeners will share THE Q-STORY with their circles and help season 2 grow to be an even bigger success.

  • I see you’ve recently been hinting at something big coming soon, can we have any spoilers/information about what that may be?

Well depending on when this is released those who follow @the_qstory  on Instagram might already know what new surprises are in store for season 2. For now, all I can say is that we’re taking a broader and more in depth look at different points of view than the first season.

  • Has the school influenced your platform in any way? If so could you elaborate?

Well I know it feels like forever ago but before quarantine, most of my time was spent in school. So a lot of the observations I’ve come from the school and the environments it can create.

  • Is there any advice you’d like to share with anyone out there who wants to start something new but is hesitant?

Definitely give it a shot, you’ll never know how much something can teach you unless you try it out. Challenging ourselves by being open to new experiences is how we grow as people. So why waste an opportunity to grow.

  • Which social media platform should people look to find the most updates involving the Q-Story?

For all updates go to  https://www.instagram.com/the_qstory/  or search “the_qstory on Instagram.  

Some pretty big information updates are coming really soon so make sure you check it out soon!

  • Is there anything else you’d like people to know about the Q-Story?

I simply love to hear what other people have to say. Most of my season1 guests are people I’ve known since I was little, but I was amazed at the many differences, small and large, in our lives despite being from the same home town. So I really encourage listening to the podcast with a group of close friends or even just some people you wanna get to know better. Have a discussion along with the episodes and see what new things you’ll learn about how your circles see the world. 

& Make sure to catch up on season 1 of THE Q-STORY PODCAST  on most podcasting platforms including Spotify and Apple Podcasts, Check out https://www.anchor.fm/theqstory  to find them all. (And give us a review to help us grow!!) 

…And from myself and the rest of the Q-Crew, thank you for listening & supporting  THE Q-STORY!


After conducting this interview, I wanted to point out the admirable dedication that Zac has used to start his podcast and keep it going with such success! From the logo(featured) to the new ideas he has in store, it shows hard work and courage. It is clear that Zac and the “Q-Crew” have big things in store for their listeners, but to see this you’ll certainly have to tune in to their platforms and have a listen for yourself!