Meet Senior Student-Athlete Gavyn Hansotte!


Rachel Zona, Senior Editor

Though 2020 may be an unusual year for everyone, I wanted to take the focus on a senior student-athlete who has faced one season which adapted to COVID-19 and has another season in the spring of 2021. Gavyn Hansotte, New Castle Varsity Boys’ Cross Country and Track & Field member is who I had the privilege of interviewing. I was curious about his reflection of his NCXC career, along with his perspective on the current style of sports. Therefore I asked these questions and received the following answers: 

  • What made you decide to start running?

I actually don’t know, I had played baseball and other sports but none of them clicked with me. When I realized there was a sport in the summer besides baseball I figured I’d be good at it. 

  • Do you plan to run during college?

Possibly, maybe not for the school but if there are clubs available I’d definitely do that!

  • How has running impacted you as a person throughout high school?

It’s definitely made me more dedicated to things because it is a tough sport that requires deduction from sleep schedules to dieting to practicing every day. It has definitely helped me with those responsibilities. 

  • What are things you wish more non-runners knew about your sport?

That it’s not as boring as most assume, for me, it gets very intense and spectating it can be fun if you know what’s going on. 

  • How was it winning WPIALs with the NCXC team last year?

That was a great time, it was wonderful having the student body there to watch us win, then coming back to celebrate with the staff. Since our NCXC team hasn’t won WPIALS in a while it was a surreal experience. 

  • How has the season been changed and what have you guys done throughout the  COVID-19 pandemic?

Instead of going to the beach, we had a covid safe scavenger hunt and a lot of our practices were spent talking afterward since we knew the impact covid has had on everyone. 

  • What are your hopes for the upcoming track season? What do you expect?

The hope is that the injured runners heal soon to have the complete team, and win the section again. 

  • What would you say to those who want to run in high school but are nervous their skills are not up to par?

Cross country is definitely a sport that even if you aren’t up in the front pack, it is something to get you a good source of exercise. When I started I was actually one of the worst on the junior high team but with lots of dedication, I was able to be the number one guy for the varsity team part of my senior year. 

  • What’s your favorite part/memory of running?

My favorite part would be the friendships and family feel of the team. When you’re working hard together it pays off and feels good to win with those you trained with every day. 


As you can see, the pandemic has certainly highlighted the importance of team bonding, showing the true connection that the New Castle Cross Country team has. It was wonderful to learn the life lessons and memories that Gavyn will take with him because of the sport he chose years ago. Hopefully, the WPIALS win and successful student-athletes like Gavyn will continue to highlight different aspects of this sport to other athletes/spectators.