Local legend “Nooch” shares his Holiday review!

Dante Micaletti

1.Q: What is your favorite part about the Holidays? A: I spent most of my time with my family.

2.Q: What is your favorite Christmas movie? A: Home alone has been my favorite forever.

3.  Q: Did things change how your family celebrated Christmas this year? A: Yes a lot of members could not come due to being at risk of Covid.

4.Q: What was your favorite gift this year? A: PS5 I have been wanting it since it came out. I was very surprised.

5. Q: What was your favorite gift you gave to someone? A: An apple watch to my mom. It was her most wanted gift.

6. Q: Did you celebrate Christmas with any friends this year?  A: Yes we went to my friend’s house and exchanged our secret Santa presents.

7. Q: Did you have a New Year’s resolution? A:   To work out more and to not go t0 bed as late.

8. Q: How did you celebrate the New Year? A:  With my friends, My friend had a few people over to celebrate.