Top 5 Christmas Candle Scents Anyone will Love!


Isabella Allison

If you are like me and you know every Christmas candle that comes out, then you should agree with my list. If you have an unusual obsession with candles, then this is for you. Some of the best scents come out during Christmas and fall time in my opinion. Let’s look into the best rated Christmas candle scents by Yankee Candle and Bath and Body Works of 2019. At number 5. is the Christmas cookie by Yankee Candle, it has the combination of buttery vanilla sugar cookie, and it was not overwhelming to the nose. At number 4. is the Christmas wreath by Yankee Candle , it has the combination of candied fruits, spices and warm hearth. At number 3. is Tree Farm by Bath and Body Works, it has the combination of crisp pine needle, warm cedar, and spiced apples. At number 2, is Sugared Snickerdoodle by Bath and Body Works it has the combination of warm spices, creamy vanilla, sugared musk, with essential oils. At number 1. is Vanilla bean noel by Bath and Body Works, it has a combination of a wintry sweet treat of fresh vanilla bean, sugar cookie, warm carmel, whipped cream and snow-kissed musk.

    Any candle from Yankee or Bath and Body will smell your room with Christmas sweet treats or tree farm wood smells. At a reasonable source too but if you seek for more of a bargain you wait till black Friday or the big semi-annual sale that is going on now.