Will Carson Wentz Go Back to 2017 MVP Wentz with the Colts?


Anthony Presnar

Carson Wentz Regression

With Carson Wentz reuniting with his former offensive coordinator, who is now the head coach for the Indianapolis Colts, Frank Reich will restore Wentz back to what he once was. Carson Wentz went 11-2, with 33 touchdowns, and 7 interceptions during his 2017 season- by far his best season. Wentz suffered a torn ACL, and during that year the Eagles still won the Super Bowl. Wentz was by far a top 5 QB back then, but now people are saying he’s one of the worst in the league. This may confuse some, as Carson regressed each year, but it’s possible he was tired of playing for a franchise that kept telling him they would go out and get weapons, but they never did- especially strange considering they wanted him to be their franchise quarterback.

During the past NFL Drafts, the Eagles have not been selecting the right people to keep their fans happy nor Wentz happy, which is probably why we have seen him regress the way he did. He went from hero to zero as the Eagles could never do anything to help Wentz. The Eagles drafted the star quarterback in 2016, and right after his rookie season he brought them to 11-2, and they won the Super Bowl, which was only the Eagles’ first and could have led to many had they surrounded Wentz with weapons to keep him happy in Philadelphia. The question still is, “Did Carson Wentz truly regress?” The answer to that question is probably not, as he did not want to play for a franchise that did not want to win another Super Bowl. At least it seemed that way, considering General Manager Howie Roseman drafted terrible players in every draft after 2016. The Eagles ruined Wentz, but it is not too late to fix him and return to MVP form.

New Beginnings with The Colts

Carson Wentz never had the type of weapons the Colts have- could we see Wentz with his best season since 2017 coming with the Colts? Some say Wentz won’t be good anymore, but I beg to differ as the Eagles, but mainly Howie Roseman, was the issue. He did not help Wentz out, which led to his regression. The Colts are hungry and finished the 2020-2021 season 10-6, not even with Wentz. Could this mean that Wentz and the Colts will run the AFC? Wentz will be in his glory and he will be balling like nobody has ever seen. Eagles fans and the Eagles will be flustered that we traded him(our franchise quarterback). All the haters will be wrong about Wentz as he never left MVP form, but the Eagles left him. Wentz will be a top 5 quarterback in the future and probably be a hall of fame quarterback when his career is all said and done. The Colts will be hoisting the Lombardi Trophy after their Super Bowl 55 win, and they will have their franchise quarterback that they got for a steal off of the Eagles.