J.J. Watt is Reuniting with Deandre Hopkins in Arizona


Anthony Presnar

On March 1st, J.J. Watt signed with the Cardinals, a shocking move, considering it was thought that he would want to go wherever Deshaun Watson wanted to go, or that he would play in Pittsburgh with both of his brothers. Perhaps he wants to play where there is good weather, or maybe it has to do with what is best for his family. Another scenario could be he wants to reunite with his brother Deandre Hopkins in Arizona, as he got traded from the Texans to the Cardinals last year. Whatever the reasoning is, the Cardinals just acquired a superstar talent that is J.J. Watt.

Watt will play alongside Chandler Jones and a pretty good defense. He should fit right in with all the defensive lineman, and I would not be shocked to see that he will be a candidate for defensive player of the year in the 2021-2022 NFL season. The Cardinals got off to a great start and then halfway through the season, they started to lose as they went 7-1 and then collapsed and missed the playoffs. With J.J. Watt coming to the team, it’s possible that they won’t collapse throughout half the season, as Watt is a leader and will lead this team. As a captain, he will take lead and get them to the playoffs.

The Cardinals could be a team to closely watch, even though they were already a pretty good team. Arizona capitalized again from the Texans’ malfunctioning franchise as they fell apart. New beginnings for J.J. Watt is a good thing, so he can show why he still is a top defensive end in the NFL.