Back To School?

Madison Soukovich

I think everyone is thinking the same thing right now- are we going back to school or waiting till next year? So I asked some of the students about their opinion of going back to school in-person. I’ve gotten so used to online learning that I would rather wait to go back until next year. Some people think it’s harder to learn online, and I agree, but it gives us more responsibility to actually carve time out to do schoolwork.

From the Juniors

I’m asking 3 juniors to tell me how they feel about this.

Student 1 exclaimed that she is very excited about going back to school, and can’t wait for things to feel normal. She feels that she is not obtaining the knowledge she would if she were inside the classroom.

Student 2 states that she is just trying to pass classes at home, so honestly she is not trying as she would in the class if she were in the classroom.

Student 3 says she would rather continue online learning because it gives her more of a perspective on how college will be, and she learned how to balance her schedule more.

From the Seniors

Now it’s time to interview a senior or 2 on their views and how they lost their senior year.

Senior 1 talks about how she is upset that she and her friend’s senior year was ripped out from under them, and they want to go back to school but they feel it won’t be the same as it was, and that’s why she would rather stay online.

So with these responses I got, I feel everyone has a different opinion on the situation at hand because some people want to get back to normal, but it won’t necessarily be normal. Others want to keep things the same because it’s a part of their new way of learning, and I understand where they are coming from because that’s exactly how I feel.