Free Agency Opens In The NFL!


Hailey Gonzales, Feature Writer

       After one insanely new and different NFL season, free agency has officially started. In this piece, I will discuss some of the top local players being talked about, their originally predicted destinations, and where they actually ended up… if anywhere.

       One player that hit headlines going into the start of free agency was Pittsburgh’s very own JuJu Smith-Schuster. Many people had differing thoughts on where he would and wouldn’t end up going, even JuJu himself. At the start of the week, JuJu made a post on Instagram saying a thank you to Pittsburgh for his time spent there, which many took as a way of him saying he won’t be returning no matter what. In the end, however, Juju ended up signing a one-year contract with the Steelers.

       Another player whose status has been up in the air and is still undecided is New Castle local, Malik Hooker. Malik Hooker’s contract with the Colts ended at the end of this past season, which left him as a free agent. With him being injury-prone, many were scared that he wouldn’t get picked up by anyone. Although he is currently still a free agent, he recently had a meeting with the Cowboys to discuss a contract. Malik stated in a Tweet following the interview that it went well and he will let fans know what happens. There has been no further news from Malik nor the Cowboys. 

       The final player I will be talking about is another New Castle native, Geno Stone. Geno Stone originally started the first season of his career with the Ravens. However, he was released by the Ravens after only playing two games with them. Before their last game of the regular season, the Texans picked up Geno Stone. However, he was open to free agency this off-season, which the Ravens took as their chance to re-sign him. Although fans have stressed that they are not overly pleased with the decision, it’s a strategic move for the Raven’s because it helps to fill out the roster with a player that the team already knows well.

       Many players are still at risk to be picked up and dropped before the 2021-2022 season kicks off, but the Eye Of The Hurricane wishes all players, both local and national, a bit of good luck on whatever path they face this season.