Injuries Within Sports


Owen Ciavarino-Richard, Sports Writer

Sports are such an amazing and sought-after pastime. Whether one is playing or watching, the thrill that any sporting event provides is next level, and it can be enjoyed at any age. For example, I grew up with sports and have been emotionally and physically addicted ever since. However, while the last year, due to the pandemic, has been very hard for sports fans all around the world, they are finally back and in full effect.

Unfortunately, injuries are also a major part of these athletes’ lives. More specifically, injuries throughout all sports are severely impacting these athletes this year. It could be due to their season being delayed last year, which would lead to a little amount of preparation or their personal life choices. Another factor may be the age of these superstars, which would make sense considering the fact that their bodies have been under immense stress for many years, and are beginning to slow down.

More specifically, big-name athletes in their respected sports are being injured more frequently, which is never good for the fans or the company itself. For example, currently, in the MLB, Angel’s superstar center fielder Mike Trout is currently out for 6-8 weeks with a right calf strain. This is very devastating for the fans, to see their struggling team’s best player go out with injury for an extended period of time, especially if he is the best player in the entire league. It is also very devastating for the MLB as a whole. Due to Trout being the best player, and, for that fact, one of the most exciting players in all of sports, just the fact that he plays brings the MLB a big increase in viewers. It is also a very hard hit for the company because fans are now being allowed back into stadiums, which means that the revival of the true baseball atmosphere will be back.

On that note, other superstar athletes have suffered injuries that range from shoulder strains, all the way to being hit in the face with a pitch. Some of these athletes include Frenando Tatis Jr, Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Bryce Harper, Kevin Pillar, Lebron James, Jamal Murray, and many more. Not to mention that in the last NFL season, there were numerous ACL tears, which is something that is dreaded in all sports. Thankfully, modern technology allows for these athletes to come back like they never left in about a year.

While the pros are the people who get the most recognition and reported on all of their injuries, these injuries greatly affect young kids too. I know from personal experience how disheartening and painful these injuries can be. In fact, I know many people that have quit sports at a young age simply due to the number of injuries that they have experienced. With that said, I believe that it is important to note that over 775,000 kids that are fourteen and younger are treated in emergency rooms for sports-related injuries manually. Not to mention all of the injuries that go unattended due to the kids pushing through them to play.

This shows how grueling these sports are, but at the same time, sports are activities that bring families all over the world immense joy and give young kids a chance to learn very valuable life lessons. However, the safety of these athletes is the most important part of it all, which is why the facilities, trainers, and doctors are so valuable, and I do not believe that they receive enough recognition for the pure importance of their job.