Tips and Tricks For Going to College!


Dominic Cade, Sophomore Reporter

You are headed to college?  Congratulations, you did it!  This is a time to celebrate all that you have accomplished, and look forward to all that is yet to come. As you begin this next chapter of your journey, there is much to anticipate.  The biggest thing to accept will be change.


No matter what your role was in high school- athlete, valedictorian, musician, drama, etc.- everything is about to change as you enter college.  Freshman year begins with a clean slate.  Everyone is equal again and starting over. The biggest challenge will be independence.  No longer will anyone be forcing you to get up and be on time for school.  It will be your sole responsibility to attend class, complete assignments, manage time appropriately, study,  and succeed. 


Try to fight procrastination. Pay attention. College moves faster than high school.  Start ahead if you do not want to fall behind.  Manage free time wisely.  Get involved in clubs, and meet new people.  Take advantage of professors’ office hours to catch up on work you may not fully understand. Seek advice from your academic advisor, who can help guide your educational direction. 


Try to seek a balance between social and academic gatherings. Try to stay healthy, sleep, and eat right. Homesickness is normal, and so is feeling overwhelmed. 


Remember, the character and integrity that you will be developing along the way will also matter greatly. Try to fit in environments that will foster that growth. Become a member of organizations that will support it, and make new friends that reflect it.  Have fun while learning as much as you can. One final note, remember to call home, as this is an adjustment for you and your family too.