2021’s Brood X


Rachel Zona, Senior Writer

2021 has already been an eventful year, but with the beginning of May, Brood X has started to make its appearance.

Brood X is the emergence of cicadas after their seventeen-year period underground. While small amounts of cicadas come out each year, based on previously observed patterns, there will be billions emerging from the ground. They have created this pattern throughout history because the more time they are underground, the higher the chance they will avoid harsh weather conditions and survive.

They usually emerge from May to late June. Besides the extensive amount of cicadas, the loud sounds they create, and their exoskeletons (from shedding) everywhere, they are mostly harmless. They do tend to eat crops, but are not necessarily known to destroy numerous amounts of them. 


There are fifteen states that have a frequent occurrence of these Brood X appearances, Pennsylvania being one of them. The other fourteen states range from West Virginia to Tennessee. It is reported that the cicadas have already begun their arrival in Ohio, Maryland, Tennessee, and Washington D.C. In the next few weeks, they should continue their arrival in various states, stay for a short period of time, and not be seen for another seventeen years.