Fun Ways to Make Money in Summer


Alexia Falba

Summer can be a great time to take on the responsibility of a job and start making money.

If you only want a job for the summer, it can be hard to find one. Most employers see that you will only be able to work for a few months and turn you down. In their eyes, there are much better options for the job than a student.

Although you might have a hard time finding ways to make money over the summer, there are plenty of potential options. When you are a teenager, it would be beneficial in many ways to have your own money. You can use it when going out with friends, food, and many other things. 

  • Babysitting – This type of job requires less of a commitment than a regular job. You can ask around if anyone you know may need help with their children. This would be a great job if you like kids and would possibly want to have some of your own in the future.
  • Dog Walking – If you love animals, this would be the perfect summer job for you. In many places, people have a busy schedule and are looking for some help with their animals. You could get exercise while also being around dogs!
  • House Sitting – Vacations in summer are most popular. You can keep an eye on your friends’ or family’s homes while they are not there. This job is overall pretty easy, and you could even make it very fun. You could even invite your friends over to stay the night with you.
  • Car Washer – Cars get very dirty in the summer. Different things get on the outside and inside, leaving a mess. You could do this job with your friends to have fun while also earning money. I’m sure neighbors and family would love to have a clean car.
  • Yard Work – Most people need help with yard work regularly. If you enjoy being outside, this is a good option for you. You can go around the neighborhood, and it could be a great money-making experience.
  • Lifeguard – This job is perfect for the summer because it’s when the pool is most popular. You could take the classes needed right at the beginning of summer and be good to go. You will be in the sun all day and may even save someone’s life.

These are some examples of what you could possibly take on as a way to earn money in summer! All of these jobs will give you opportunities to make new friends and enjoy the outdoors during the hot season!