Local places to eat


Isabella Allison

Food is a topic anyone can talk about. Here are the top 5 food places to enjoy good food. There are different options and modifications at all of these places you can pick and change based on your own body. 

At number 5 is The Crane Room, if you are looking for a semi-budget restaurant here. Many people have a go-to of the burgers, wings and the crane chips (so good!) in my opinion.  There are also a lot of vegetarian friendly options as meals or sides. There is pasta that can be modified to how you will like it, but anything you pick can be modified for your liking. 

At number 4 is Lady of the Dukes; they have such good pasta at a decent price, but the only downside is they are only open on Sundays. You also have to bring a container, but there are containers there that are at a cost of .25 cents. The pasta comes with salad and bread, but they also have sides and sandwiches, but I have not had that. I have read that the meatball sandwich was amazing. This is a good place to eat. 

At number 3 is Riardos. I absolutely love their alfredo. I think it has the right amount of flavor without overdoing it. Their cauliflower wings are also a big hit, even with people who eat meat. Their ranch may also be such a good condiment that they make in house. The wings can also be modified to be extra crunchy or not. The restaurant has a lot of options. 

At number 2 is Lindy’s Lunch which took top lunch spot. Their cheese fries are the best cheese fries- they’re so tasty and filling. Their burgers are also good, and a lot of people order them. You can sit inside the building, and they have it set out good so you’re not too close. The staff is kind and the milkshakes are also good. The banana one, in my opinion, is the best. 

At number 1 is Chubby’s Pizza, if you have liked Augustine’s pizza like I have my whole life. They work with the Augustine’s ingredients, and it is by far my favorite place to have food. Their Poor Man’s Pizza is also very good and should be tried by everyone. They are just not open Mondays, but other than that their price isn’t bad.