Has the NFL Teams Figured Out the Kansas City Chiefs?


Anthony Presnar, Senior Author

After starting the 2021-2022 year 2-3 the Kansas City Chiefs are looking to rebound and make a playoff push, but the question is, will they make a playoff push. Another question that comes to mind is, have the Chiefs been figured out and need to revise their attack against other teams. The answer to the question may not be able to be answered until the end of the season to see what their record will be. After coming short of winning 1 out of 2 super bowl appearances back to back under Patrick Mahomes’s belt; this leads to this question, has the NFL figured out the Chiefs formula of making it to the super bowl. The 2-3 start to the season takes consideration that maybe some NFL teams have caught on and can make adjustments to beat the Chiefs defense and stop their offense from scoring. The high power Chiefs offense is struggling to get back on the top of the league as one of the best offensive teams in the NFL.

Shockingly, there has been a lot of drops from the receivers on the Chiefs, with some of the bigger drops coming from their two main receivers on their team. The dynamic duo of Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce is actually hurting the team as they are the two that led the team in receptions last season. With the drops continuing and the Chiefs are now 5-4 which is very unlikely of the Chiefs and they are looking nothing like the past two years where they went to the Super Bowl two times. The Super Bowl hangover has finally caught up to them it appears and could this be the end of the dynasty before it even really starts? Two great years and then instant regression, what did the Chiefs do differently in years past, or is their time and playoff runs done? A lot of questions to be answered however we will not know the definite answers until the end of the season to see where the Chiefs end their 2021-2022 season.