No More Snow Days?


Maryn Sylvester, Author

Imagine, you’re laying in bed on a Monday morning. You hear the phone ringing and seconds later your mom comes into your room. She gives you the best news you’ve heard in a while. Today is a snow day!! You start thinking of all the fun things you could do that day. You can go sled riding, have a movie marathon with friends, or sleep the day away.

You can do anything you wanted without the worry of school, but wait for a second! What if I told you that can all be taken away? Since Covid started, everyone has become familiar with virtual learning. Everyone could log on from home and do their school work. Because of this, schools could start using this method for snow days.

The term that is being used is called FID. This stands for Flexible Instruction Day. The school would use a “FID Day” instead, that way the students can complete their work online and the day would not have to be made up.

It seems to be a pretty smart idea! Students can stay safe at home, but still have a school day in session, eliminate making up more school days at the end of the year, get out earlier and have a longer summer.

In my personal opinion, I think this is a good idea. It is good to have a day at home once in a while. just not a whole year like the  2020/2021 school year. Also, you won’t fall behind in school work. You will continue to stay on track for graduation.

What do you think Canes? Do you think this is a good idea to take away snow days from students? Let us know you opinions!