Five New Albums to Get You in the Christmas Spirit


Jaden Kirkwood, Author

Are you one to blast Christmas music all through the house? Are you ready to get into the Christmas spirit? Here are five amazing Christmas albums to enjoy throughout the holiday season! 

1.  “When Christmas Comes Around” by Kelly Clarkson

Released on October 15, 2021– This is a fantastic album featuring covered classics including duets with Chris Stapleton and Brett Eldredge. 

2. “Something about Christmas Time” by Rob Thomas

Released on October 22, 2021– This album created by multi-grammy award winner Rob Thomas is sure to put you in the holiday spirit with its great songs about Christmas time. 

3. “ I Dream of Christmas” by Norah Jones

Released on October 15, 2021–Norah Jones made this Christmas album with the intention to put everyone in the mood for holiday cheer. Though it was her first Christmas album, it did not disappoint as it expressed both seasonal favorites and originals. 

4. “ Mr. Christmas” by Brett Eldridge

Released on October 22, 2021–This platinum-selling artist is ready to put everyone in the holiday mood. As many people loved “Glow” by this artist, it is well known that he is great at putting everyone in a jolly mood. 

5. “ Evergreen” by Pentatonix

Released on October 29, 2021–This group is well known for its holiday hits, as they have already released multiple Christmas albums. Their tour “ The Evergreen Christmas Tour” begins November 27th this year, so be ready to experience holiday happiness with Pentatonix!

Happy listening Canes! We hope these great Christmas releases put you in the best holiday moods!