Too Much Talent on One Team?


Anthony Presnar

After being predicted to go to the Super Bowl and win it, the Los Angeles Rams have won 7 of 11 games and are in second place in the NFC West, trailing behind the 9-2 Arizona Cardinals. If the NFC was more competitive the Rams would most likely be out of playoff contention the way their season is ending. The Rams are on a 3 game losing streak and the question is, how are they losing games with all the veteran talents on the team?

With the most recent additions to the team being Von Miller via trade with the Broncos and signing Odell Beckham Jr. as a free agent, will adding these two vets help or hurt them? In the beginning, you would think that the more veteran talent and good players you add, the better the team will be, but since adding these two they have lost 3 straight games.

Are they on the same page with the rest of the team? Most likely they are not on the same page as they are just joining the team mid-season. It does not seem like they really have good chemistry with the other players. Sometimes having good chemistry with everyone on the team is better than just having players with a ton of talent. Having slim to none chemistry with the other teammates could lead to miscommunications and could hinder the team’s chances of going or making it to the playoffs.

With that being said are the Rams still your Super Bowl favorite like they were at the beginning of the season? They also added a veteran quarterback, Matthew Stafford to their team in hopes to take them to the promised land. The Rams Super Bowl chances are definitely still at a decent percentage if the team can get back on track and gain chemistry. They must do this before the end of the regular season to make a playoff push. However, if the Rams do not make it to the Super Bowl, they will not have a fun offseason as they will have a lot of decisions on who to keep and who to let walk. The Ram’s salary cap will be hurting this offseason with having to resign many of the stars, that will want to be paid or they will leave. The Rams also do not have a first-round pick again because they traded their pick for Matt Stafford. This team will be a very hard team to rebuild, especially with the salary cap, players aging, and other issues that will occur as they try to rebuild in the future.

I am sure everyone will be anxiously waiting to see if this stellar NFL team makes it to the playoffs, and possibly the Super Bowl.