Fun Things to do During Winter Break


Corey Corbin, Author

Winter break is right around the corner Canes! Winter Break is from December 18th to January 2nd. We return to school on Monday, January 3rd. We want to keep you informed of all the fun things to do this Winter Break! Despite the cold weather, there is a little bit of fun for everyone in the family. Do not let the weather slow you down! Get out and have some fun! 

Here are some fun things you can do during your Winter Break:

  • Pittsburgh Zoo- a winter trip to the zoo can be a completely different experience than a summer zoo excursion
  • Have a movie marathon- watch some new movies or even Christmas movies with your friends 
  • Go Sledding or Snow Tubing- There are plenty of awesome hills around Western, PA. Find a good one!
  • Visit a Museum
  • Go Bowling-Colonial Lanes would be the best place to go this break!
  • Have a spa day at home- Find that perfect face scrub or face mask, cucumbers for the eyes, and find that relaxing music!
  • Go to the library- Our library is a great place to explore, read, and find a good book during the Winter. 
  • Make a family scrapbook- Take some great pictures of your family over the holidays, make memories by keeping them in a nice booklet
  • Play in the Snow- Don’t be a Scrooge when it snow, even though it is cold, bundle up and go have some fun!
  • Go Ice Skating- There are many places to go around Pittsburgh.
  • Go Skiing- Hit the slopes this break! There are many cool ski resorts only a few hours away from here! Use Google to find the best ones this Winter Break!
  • Go Ice Fishing- Be careful on the frozen pond, but this could be a really fun activity for the whole family. 

Enjoy your Winter Break Canes! Always…stay safe and have fun!