Mrs. Ondako Interview


Joshua Hoerner

If you are ever in our school library you might have run into Mrs. Ondako. Her classroom is in the library where she teaches many different English classes here at New Castle. She currently teaches 9th-grade honors, 11th-grade Accelerated, 12th-grade Composition, and a Communications class. What some of you may not know is that Mrs. Ondako is also the new Student Council teacher.  We asked her a few questions for us to help see what direction she is taking New Castle’s Student Council this year, post-covid. Hope you enjoy the interview- Josh

Q: What are some new things we can expect with the Student Council?

A: Well, I know that there are activities we would like to do. Everything must go through an approval process. The goal is for each class to raise money for class activities. COVID has really affected a lot of what we can do right now. Hopefully, we will get back to normal! 

Q: What are some upcoming events involving the Student Council?

A: All events are pending approval, so I don’t want to say anything in case it doesn’t work out.

Q: How often do you meet?

A: As of now we meet monthly. 

Q: How involved is the council with the community?

A: My goal is to get Student Council more involved with the community. Again, COVID has affected that. Time is also an issue. 

Q: How has becoming the main teacher for the Student Council changed you?

A: Student Council allows me to meet students I would not otherwise meet.

Q: Have you taken anything from Mrs. Rankin or Miss Saymansky?

A: The one thing I can say I have learned from Mrs. Rankin and Mrs. Saymanski is that they are truly irreplaceable!! I do not know how those women were able to accomplish what they did!

Q: Who are in the main roles of the Council?

A: Executive Board of Student Council:

President Senior Bryan Henriquez 

Vice President Junior Joshua Hoerner  

Secretary Senior Taylor Anderson

Treasurer Senior Olivia Pierce

Historian Junior Amira Johnson

Senior Class Representatives Mary Baka & Emily Carter 

Junior Class Representatives Dominic Cade and Neena Flora 

Sophomore Class Representatives Alexandra Browne and Angel Porras

Freshman Class Representatives Joelle Bradley and Mia Lyles

Q: How can students coming up get involved in the Student Council?

A: At the beginning of each year, students can sign up for Student Council. 🙂

Q: Why did you take the job of leading the Student Council?

A: I took the Student Council position because I wanted kids to be involved in their school environment. Little did I know that COVID would stick a wrench in this! 

Q: What is one of your favorite things about the Student Council?  

A: I do not have a favorite aspect about Student Council yet outside of meeting the kids. I will once COVID restrictions loosen and time becomes manageable. 

We wish Mrs. Ondako the best of luck in her teachings and managing New Castle’s Student Council.  If you are interested in joining the Student Council, please see Mrs. Ondako in the library.