Last Week of NFL Season: Who’s going to playoffs?

Last Week of NFL Season: Whos going to playoffs?

Joshua Hoerner

For the first time ever, there is a week 18 in the NFL Season.  Week 18 has huge playoff implications.  Let’s take a look at what’s up for grabs:


1- Seed- Tennessee Titans (AFC South Champs, 11-5)

The Titans have had an interesting year.  After losing one of the best offensive players in the NFL, Derrick Henry, the Titans sputtered a little.  They have seemed to find their groove.  The Titans clinch the 1-seed with a win vs the Texans on Sunday.

2- Kansas City Chiefs (AFC West Champs, 11-5)

The Chiefs just lost the 1- seed to the Titans.  The Bengals roared back against the Cheifs and kicked a game-winning field goal.  Still, the Chiefs are the most dangerous team in the AFC.  They have so many weapons.  With a win against the Broncos and a Titans loss, the Chiefs will get the bye in the playoffs.

3- Cincinnati Bengals (AFC North Champs, 10-6)

The Bengals just clinched the AFC North with a win vs the Chiefs.  Their offense is becoming scary, with plenty of guys to throw to.  A solid defensive unit features many breakout players.  The Bengals are fighting to keep the 3 seed, as they own the tiebreaker over the Bills.

4- Buffalo Bills (10-6 1st in AFC East)

The Bills have been solid this year.  Josh Allen is still playing at an MVP level.  The Bills’ defense has been very solid.  Still, the Patriots are breathing down their kneck for the division.  A loss and they could be heading to Foxborough to play the Patriots.  With a win and a Bengals loss, the Bills get the 3-seed.  A loss and a Patriots win, they take the 5-seed.

5- New England Patriots (10-6 2nd in AFC East)

The Patriots have had a great bounce-back year.  Mac Jones has been a great first-year QB, and the defense has been great.  With a win and a Bills loss, the Patriots have the 3rd seed.

6- Indianapolis Colts (9-7 2nd in AFC South)

The Colts have Johnathan Taylor run free this year.  Taylor is a perennial MVP candidate.  The Colts need some help to clinch, but can also do it with a win next Sunday.

7- Los Angeles Chargers (9-7 2nd in AFC South)

The Chargers’ path to the playoffs is simple.  Beat the Raiders, and you’re in.  The Colts own the tiebreaker, and will more than likely take the 7 seed with a win.

8- Las Vegas Raiders (9-7 3rd in AFC South)

The Raiders path is also simple.  Beat the Chargers and you’re in.  They will also more than likely take the 7 seed with a win.

9- Pittsburgh Steelers (8-7-1 2nd in AFC North)

With a Colts loss and Steelers win in week 18 (barring a Chargers Raiders tie), the Steelers will make the playoffs.

11- Baltimore Ravens (8-8 3rd in AFC North)

The Ravens need some help.  They have to beat the Steelers, Chargers loss, Colts loss, and Dolphins loss.  Not looking good for Baltimore.

Eliminated- Miami Dolphins, Denver Broncos, Cleveland Browns, New York Jets, Houston Texans, and Jacksonville Jaguars.


1- Greenbay Packers- (13-3 1st in NFC North)

The Packers are in prime playoff position.  They can rest all of their starters, as they have the 1 seed and bye locked up.

2- Los Angeles Rams (12-4, 1st in NFC West, tiebreaker over Bucs)

The Rams need a win on Sunday or a Cardinals loss to clinch the division.

3- Tampa Bay Buccaneers (12-4, 1st in NFC South)

The Bucs have been hurt with a ton of injuries over the past few weeks.  Still, they are in a prime position to make a run and have the goat on their team.

4- Dallas Cowboys (11-5, 1st in NFC East)

The Cowboys really can’t move a lot seeding-wise.  They are in a good position for the home playoff game.

5- Arizona Cardinals (11-5, 2nd in NFC West)

The Cardinals need a win plus a Rams loss to clinch the division.  Otherwise, they will stick at the 5 seed.

6- San Francisco 49ers (9-7, 3rd in NFC West)

The 49ers’ birth isn’t clinched yet.  With a win or Saints loss, they are in.

7- Philadelphia Eagles (9-7, 2nd in NFC East)

The only thing the Eagles are playing for is seeding.  They have their birth clinched.  With a win and a 49ers loss, they have the 6 seed.

8- New Orleans Saints (8-8, 2nd in NFC South)

The Saints need some help.  They have to win and have a 49ers loss to get in.

Eliminated- Carolina Panthers, Minnesota Vikings, Atlanta Falcons, Washington Football Team, Chicago Bears, Seattle Seahawks, New York Giants, Detroit Lions.

Typical playoff matchups right now would be:


1- Packers- bye

7- Eagles vs. 2- Rams

6- 49ers vs. 3- Bucs

5- Cardinals vs. 4- Cowboys


1- Titans- bye

7- Chargers vs. 2- Chiefs

6- Colts vs. 3- Bengals

5- Patriots vs. 4- Bills

The NFL playoffs start on January 15th, 2022. Good luck to all NFL teams!