Meet Mr. Pitzer


Corey Corbin , Author

Mr. Pitzer started the bowling program and has been the only head coach for the last 12 years.  A few of his students heard about the WPIBL high school league and wanted to participate.  They asked him to help them get it started here at New Castle High School and that is just what he did. I sat down with Mr. Pitzer to find out more information about our bowling program. 

Q: How long has bowling been a sport here at New Castle High School?

A:  12 years

Q: How long have you been coaching? 

A:  12 years

Q: What are you looking forward to this season?

A:  Our girl’s team will have a good chance to win the section title.

Q: Who is your biggest competitor? 

A:  Blackhawk High School

Q: How many seniors do you have?

A:  8:  5 girls and 3 boys

Q: How will each player impact the team?

A:  I will need my best bowlers to be consistent each match and we will be just fine. 

Q: What advice would you give your bowlers before a match?

A:  Listen to your coaches when they suggest adjustments, then make those adjustments. 

Q: What qualities do you have as a coach, that will help you be successful?

A:  Patience 

Good luck this season to the New Castle High School bowling teams. We look forward to hearing about all your successes.