Who are the Caniacs?


Anthony Miller, Author

Student sections are a huge deal when it comes to school sporting events.  Colleges and high schools all throughout the country have some type of student section for all sporting events. A student section is a group of students from a certain school that has a reserved section to lead chants and cheers for their school’s team during different sporting events and games. These sections can range from tens to hundreds, to even thousands of students raving, supporting, and cheering on their teams. Some student sections even give themselves a nickname or name they go by as a whole.

At New Castle High School, our student section is known as the Caniacs.  Each year, a new group of seniors takes over the section. This means that they get to sit in the front row and also run the Caniacs social media accounts.  As we all know, New Castle Area School District has the best fans in the state. This means we have to have a top-tier student section year in and year out.  The student section always proves to be very elite amongst the others in the state. Our student sections brings great energy to every sporting event and it’s a very fun environment to be around. More importantly, it fires up the sports teams, makes them want to play better, and want to win more.  I sat down with one of the section leaders, Dante Micaletti, and asked him a couple of questions.

Q: How does it feel to be able to be one of the student section leaders?

A: It feels really good.  You grow up watching the section as a young kid and then stand in the back during your first three years of high school. Now that I am a senior and get to run it, it feels really cool.  It’s really fun.

Q: What is your favorite part about the student section?

A: My favorite part is seeing everyone come together as a whole to cheer on our sports teams. As a baseball player, I know it feels good to have the Caniacs behind you.  I love seeing everyone come together with such passion for their team. 

We wish the Red Hurricane sports teams the best of luck this year.  We also would like to thank the seniors who run the student section and who never miss a game.  This is awesome for our community and school.  We love you Caniacs!