Top Books To Read in 2022


Tyler Savage, Author

Since the beginning of the pandemic, it seemed as if many people turned off their televisions and started to pick up books again. There are many great books out there and there are so many to read, but here are a few of the top books of 2022 for young adults.

1. It will end like this


Charlotte lost her mother six months ago, and still, no one will tell her exactly what happened the day she mysteriously died. They say her heart stopped, but Charlotte knows deep down that there’s more to the story. The only person who gets it is Charlotte’s sister, Maddi. Maddi agrees—people’s hearts don’t just stop. Now, in order to get their lives back, Charlotte and Maddi have to decide what kind of story they live in. Read this action thriller to find out what happens in Charlotte’s life.

2. Horror Hotel


A group of teenage YouTube stars sneaks into an old, eerie hotel. They hope the spooky atmosphere will garner more followers, but a horrifying discovery and a message from the dead turned their night of innocent fun into a nightmare they can’t escape. This debut novel is a must-read for fans of horror and ghosts.

3. I Must Betray You

When 17-year-old Cristian Florescu gets blackmailed by the secret police to become an informer, he can’t fathom betraying his friends and loved ones. He also knows that his dream of being a writer isn’t possible under tyrannical rule. So, he takes the position, planning to use his talents to work against Romania’s dictator.

Let us know what you think! Happy Reading Canes!