Remembering Bob Saget


Maryn Sylvester, Author

Robert Lane Saget, but to most known as Daniel “Danny” Tanner. Danny Tanner was the father of three daughters on the famous show Full House. Saget was also featured on Fuller house and voiced the narrator Ted Mosby on the CBS sitcom “How I Met Your Mother.” He was the iconic TV dad many people today grew up watching.

Watching Saget made them feel love and comfort over the years, but unfortunately was lost nine days after the new year. He was found in his hotel room later that night unresponsive and had unfortunately passed away on the scene. No one knows really what happened to him. The investigation is said to take up to 10 weeks to really find out what really happened.

He had just performed a show at the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall in Ponte Verda Beach, Florida earlier that night. Saget had recently announced the Bob Saget 2021-2022 Tour which was supposed to last from November 5th, 2021-May 7th, 2022. As well as, the Bob Saget “I Don’t Do Negative Tour” which had begun only two days before he had passed.

As much as he loved to be everyone’s favorite dad, he also loved to tour and make people laugh. Being a comedian was always a hobby of his. He always loved the audience and all the positivity they brought to his shows. He was also just a joy to be around. He treated everyone like family.

As stated before, Saget was definitely most remembered for his role on Full House. He was the dad of it all. It would just feel wrong to watch anyone else play the role. He was meant to play Danny Tanner and he for sure made himself memorable for the entire world. He made those who may not have a father, unfortunately, feel like they really had a father. The show Full House would not be the way it is today without Saget playing Danny.

As much as he was an on-screen father, he was also an off-screen father. Saget leaves behind his three kids, Aubrey Saget, Lara Melanie Saget, and Jennifer Belle Saget. As well as his wife Kelly Rizzo. It is sad to think we will never see Saget be the fun old Danny we know and love, but we will always have the memories he was happy to share with the rest of the world.

RIP Bob Saget!