Are the Miami Dolphins Moving on too Fast?


Anthony Presnar, Senior Writer

What is going on with the Miami Dolphins?

After starting the year off 0-7 Head Coach Brian Flores managed to control the team and help them finish off strong with 8 straight wins. It was not until the second to last game where they played the Tennessee Titans and got blown out 34-3.

To start off the first half of your season 0-7 and managing to end off the same season at 9-8 is something unheard of, but Coach Flores pulled it off. Flores was in the running for coach of the year and still could be, which leads to the bigger question, “Did the Dolphins jump the gun on Flores too early?” What made them fire him? As he’s working with a team that could be considered in the rebuilding phase and managed to bring them above .500 after a horrific start.

The beginning of the Dolphins could come to an early close after firing Coach Flores as he was a key role in their success, sure they’ll try to find someone “better,” but even if they do the new coach will not be on the same page with the team right away, maybe for a couple of years.

Something Coach Flores and the team had was good chemistry and the Dolphins organization just threw it all away just because they did not get into the playoffs, however, they may never even see the playoffs for a while, but we shall see how this off-season goes and see what happens in the years coming up. We will definitely see if firing Flores was a good move or a bad move.