Spot Light: New Castle Math Department

Spot Light: New Castle Math Department

Anthony Miller

The Eye of the Hurricane is planning to highlight a school department each edition. For our Winter Edition, we highlighted the New Castle Math Department. New Castle High School has a known history for a very strong Math Department. Math at New Castle can range anywhere from general seventh-grade math all the way to AP Calculus.  Below are the Jr and Sr. high Math teachers here at New Castle. 

Junior High                             Senior High                       

Mr. Riot                                      Mr. Mantinaos

Mr. Pitzer                                   Mr. Croach 

Mr. Gigler                                   Mrs. Neff

Mr. Widowfield                         Mrs. Circle                  

Mrs. Miller                                 Mrs. J. Joseph

Mr. Cowart                                 Mrs. Roe                        

                                                    Mr. Siciliano

I interviewed some of these teachers to learn more about New Castle’s Math Department.  I was interested in when these teachers began their teaching career, how long they have been teaching, and the best thing about the Math Department.  Check out responses below from a few of your math teachers

1. When did you begin your teaching career? How long have you been teaching math? 

Mr. Croach- I began my teaching career in 1997. I taught at Lawrence County VoTech for 2 years and then got hired at New Castle in 1999. I have been teaching math for 25 years. Oh wow…. I am getting old!!!

Mrs. J. Joseph- 2005-2006 was my first year teaching math.  I started out here at New Castle Senior High School.

Mrs. Roe- I began my teaching career 22 years ago in Cleveland, Ohio.  After teaching for 2 years in Cleveland and one year at Rochester Area School District, I was hired at New Castle.

Mrs. Circle- I began teaching in December 2007.  I have been teaching math for 14 years (12 at NC).

Mr. Mantinaos- I began my teaching career in 1990, I am in my 32nd year of teaching


2. What do you like most about teaching math? 

Mr. Croach- I enjoy teaching math (mainly Geometry) to my students in order to prepare them for real scenarios. I try to challenge them to real-life problems in every lesson. I love teaching math because numbers don’t lie…

Mrs. J. Joseph-What I like most about teaching math is watching the students gain an understanding of a subject or topic they have long struggled with.

Mrs. Roe- I enjoy being creative and finding new ways to engage my students.  It is very rewarding as a teacher to see your students grasp and apply the concepts taught.

Mrs. Circle- Math is a subject that teaches more than just math concepts.  Students learn critical thinking skills that they will use for the rest of their lives.

Mr. Mantinaos- Math is awesome! By taking real-life scenarios and turning them into algebraic abstract models, we can predict the outcomes of experiments in a much cheaper, faster, safer way. We also can predict outcomes that are impossible to execute in real life. Math is also a truth serum. Analyzing the underlying math helps us discern truth from falsehood.


3. What is the best thing about the math department? 

Mr. Croach- I like the fact that our math department is very cooperative and works quite well together.

Mrs. J. Joseph- The best thing about our math department is our willingness to help each other out.  

Mrs. Roe- The entire math department is very supportive of one another.  Plus, my classroom is in between two of my very good friends!

Mrs. Circle-We all get along and work well together

Mr. Mantinaos- Our math department, much like our school district as a whole, is full of thoughtful caring people. Working with them is a pleasure!

Thanks to all the teachers who contributed to this article. We hope you have an awesome school year!