Is the MLB’s Season Canceled?


Jaden Kirkwood and Dominic Cade

After the MLB and MLB Players Association (MLBPA) were unable to reach an agreement that would officially end the lockout which started on December 2 of last year, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred announced Tuesday that regular-season games will be canceled, for now, however, there was an agreement that has been met. 

What is the MLB lockout?

The lockout of the MLB was a unanimous vote by all MLB owners to bar players from participating in club activities and preventing league transactions such as trades or free-agent signings. The halt would otherwise be known as a “strike”, however, this time the ownership group is responsible. The teams’ owners are allowed to pause all activities including practice and workouts, and can literally lock their players out of their facilities.

The 2021-22 season will contain the first lockout since 1990, as well as the first time in history where games have been canceled due to the organizations’ owners. It has been confirmed that the first two series will be canceled, which estimates 5-7 games that each MLB team will lose; and there’s no telling how many more will lose their date.

The Major League Baseball finally ended its lockout this past week, with the 20 clubs’ owners and the MLB players’ union agreeing to the framework of a new collective-bargaining agreement. Opening Day for the MLB is tentatively to begin on April 7th, giving all teams 4 weeks of Spring training and to finish all their off-season business.
There is still a lot that needs to happen before the start of the season. Hopefully everything will fall into place just as planned and we can enjoy some awesome baseball games.