Is it Deshaun Watson’s Time to Return to the NFL?


Anthony Presnar, Senior Author

Quarterback for the Houston Texans Deshaun Watson sat out the 2021-2022 NFL season due to his legal allegations and accusations against him.

The Houston Texans told him he was not going to be traded. Throughout the season he attended many court appearances against his allegations, but there was never any outcome determined. Watson had 27 legal allegations against him and the quarterback was very talented so he was also being closely monitored by a lot of General Managers for NFL teams. Nobody had a single clue when the legal allegations would be dropped and at a point, it was almost evident that Watson was going to face jail time for his accusations.

On March 11, 2022, the Houston Texans announced that all of Deshaun Watson’s accusations and allegations have been dropped and he was found not guilty. With that announcement, it will have the Houston Texan’s phones ringing left and right from all NFL teams that are in need of a franchise quarterback.

However the question still remains, will Watson play at the same level he left the NFL?