An End of An Era…


Anthony Presnar, Senior Author

After playing 10 seasons with the Seattle Seahawks, quarterback Russel Wilson gets traded in a blockbuster trade that sends him and a 4th round pick to the Denver Broncos, in exchange for tight end Noah Fant, defensive tackle Shelby Harris, 2 first-round picks, and 2 third-round picks.

With this happening the Legion Of Boom AKA…the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl-winning team has nobody left, after trading Wilson and releasing Bobby Wagner. This ends the era. There will most likely never be a team as dominant as they were during their Super Bowl-winning season, that gets torn apart as bad as it happened to them. It just does not make any sense, if you won the Super Bowl, why would you get rid of the team you won with?

This now puts the Seahawks into an immediate rebuilding phase and they will have to draft their way back to the top. Most likely we will not be seeing the Seahawks in playoff contention for a bare minimum of 2-3 seasons because they currently only have 2 big players as of right now, one being D.K. Metcalf and the other Jamal Adams.

A rebuilding year may be difficult, but we will see how the Seahawks will react come Fall.