Do You Sleep with the Light On?


Angel Porras and Jaden Kirkwood, Author

The act of sleeping is one of the most important benefits of good health. If you do not get enough sleep, chances are you will experience extreme fatigue, you could experience some major health issues, and you could struggle with diet/nutrition.

Some people like to sleep in complete darkness and others like to have some sort of light on. Although having the light on could cause some very serious issues. Do you sleep with a light on, or do you sleep with window blinds open? Well here are some effects that happen to you when light is exposed to you in the nighttime. According to Northwestern University, a little light that is in your room affects your cardiovascular and increases your insulin resistance that next morning. Even if a single light hits you during your night-long sleep you will have higher risk facts for heart disease, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. This is because light impairs glucose and cardiovascular regulation. It is scary to think about. Sometimes we are so tired we do not really think about hitting the light or turning off the TV.

Next time you crash into your bed remember to hit the lights. This will make for a good night’s sleep! Try it out Canes, happy sleeping!!