Opinions of The School Musical: Grease

Opinions of The School Musical: Grease

Tyler Savage , Author

This year’s musical was Grease, performed by the New Castle Sr. High Theatre Department, and what a show it was!! The students did an amazing job in preparing a great amount of time for this year’s show. The students did a tremendous job acting, singing, and dancing throughout the entire performance. The cast put on a preview for the entire school on Thursday, March 31st. From all of us at The Eye of the Hurricane, we wanted to send a sincere congratulations to the entire cast of Grease and to the Director, Mr. Lee, on an amazing job well done, what a fantastic show!

We interviewed a handful of staff members who were able to watch the entire play. Check out their responses below to see how everyone just raved about the performance!

Q #1: What was your opinion on this year’s musical, Grease?

Mrs. Ondako- It was fantastic!

Ms. Young- Our students did a wonderful job and this was the best musical I have seen our students perform since being here in 2016. The costumes and set were very well done as well.

Ms. Bauder- The play was amazing! The students did a really great job. You could really tell how hard they worked! 

Mrs. Gurneal- I thought the musical was phenomenal!  The raw talent in our student body is “over the top!”  We are so very lucky to have motivated students and teachers that are willing to put forth a large amount of time and energy to put on a yearly production.

Mr. Fleo- Absolutely incredible performance!

Mr. Litrenta- It was fantastic!

Ms. Wiseman- I think it was fantastic!  It was an upbeat show full of comedy, high energy and fantastic acting. 


Q #2: Who was your favorite character? 

Mrs. Ondako-  Ohh…that is hard. I enjoyed many of them for different reasons. If I had to pick, Frenchie. 

Ms. Young- My favorite was Rizzo by far. Montana played a perfect Rizzo.

Ms. Bauder- My favorite character was either Rizzo or Danny! Everyone was awesome though! 

Mrs. Gurneal- Rizzo. She for sure played the heck out of that role!  Talk about a character study!  She was amazing.

Mr. Fleo- My favorite, if I had to choose, would be Kenickie. 

Mr. Litrenta- The Burger Palace Boys (T-Birds)

Ms. Wiseman- I loved them ALL but have been a fan of Rizzo in Grease for a long time. Sean Scott absolutely became Kenickie on that stage and that was amazing to me as well. These students all embodied these iconic characters wonderfully.


Q #3: What was your favorite song in the musical? 

Mrs. Ondako- Ohh…that is hard. I enjoyed many of them for different reasons. If I had to pick, Frenchie. 

Ms. Young- Even with the movie, I love Summer Nights. I love the difference between the views in the groups of students and how they describe the same event. Our kids performed it beautifully.

Ms. Bauder- I loved all the songs performed! I would have to say Greased Lightning though!

Mrs. Gurneal- Beauty School Drop-Out—–I loved everything about it.  Sure, the vocals in some of the other songs were far above “Beauty School Drop-Out” but the whole scene (costumes, props, choreography) added to its brilliance.

Mr. Fleo- Greased Lightning!

Mr. Litrenta- We Go Together, Those Magic Changes, Grease Lightning

Ms. Wiseman- I have two, Mooning and There Are Worse Things I Could Do


Q #4: What was your favorite scene? 

Mrs. Ondako- Beauty School Dropout! 

Ms. Young- I loved the “Beauty School Dropout” scene. It was perfectly done compared to the movie and was just as extravagant. Sean and Rocco had wonderful voices as the angels and Montia was a phenomenal Frenchy.

Ms. Bauder- I would have to say the ending was great! I loved the songs, You’re the One that I want or Beauty School Dropout!

Mrs. Gurneal- Probably the very last scene!  You’re the One That I Want! The planning and choreography that went into that scene were astounding.  I really enjoyed the energy and enthusiasm in that number!

Mr. Fleo- The Hand Jive Scene

Mr. Litrenta- My favorite scene was when the guys have R-U-M-P on their underwear while Stephan Gibson and Katie DeBourelando sang Mooning!

Ms. Wiseman-I loved Those Magic Changes, Greased Lightnin, and Beauty School Drop Out. Additional Info: I am a little Biased toward the musicals here at school. I have helped Mr. Lee with the musicals since he took them over here with Oklahoma and was with him up until the Covid pandemic. I had to sit out from assisting for a few years but was so happy to back selling tickets and helping if needed this year. This year’s musical is one of my top three shows Mr. Lee has done here with the students and we had near sell-out ticket sales on Friday and Saturday night. I am SO VERY PROUD of what our students did on that stage!

Thank you to all staff members who contributed to this article! We can hardly wait to see what next year’s performance holds!