Top 5 Ways to Help Lose Weight


Summer is right around the corner Canes!! We all know the sun will be shining and pool parties will be underway! Our article brings you the Top 5 ways to help lose weight to get ready for that summer bod, and obviously to just feel better with your overall health. Thanks for reading Canes!

  1. Calorie Deficit- This one is pretty self-explanatory. However, many people do this wrong. You shouldn’t eat less, instead, you should eat healthier.  We see plenty of delicious recipes on Tik Tok for your favorite foods, but made in a healthier way! Make your diet very easy to follow.
  2. Cheat Days- This is a crucial one. When someone is on a diet, they will crave the foods they are missing out on.  It is crucial that you have a day to enjoy the food you are missing so desperately.  Also, don’t hold back on these days.  They should happen between once or twice a month, depending on how much you would like to eat.
  3. Lifting- A lot of people like to combine lifting heavy weights with a calorie deficit, which makes for a deadly combo. Lifting is crucial and almost everyone who lost weight currently lifts. Lifting can help put muscle on your body instead of adding fat to your gut.
  4. An exercise surplus- This can be any form of exercise.  Any sport you enjoy watching or even played at one point, try playing it again.  Doesn’t have to be competitive, just a way of exercising.  Great ways of exercising are running, soccer, and tennis.  These will help a ton with losing weight.
  5. Advice- Listen to the people who have done this before.  There are many people on the internet who offer free information on how to eat right and lose weight.  Listen to these people, especially dietitians and doctors.  You don’t have to listen to everyone, but if something interests you, try it out in your own way.

Good luck in your weight loss journey! Stay healthy and remember to always keep moving!!