Top 5 Fruits for Weight Loss

Top 5 Fruits for Weight Loss

Tyler Savage

There are many foods that help with weight loss, but one of the most important food groups to manage weight loss are fruits! Here are the top 5 fruits that can help with weight loss! Let us know your favorites!

1. Pineapple

This bright yellow exotic fruit gives you a boost of vitamin C (79 grams) and provides only 83 kcal in one cup, which makes it a perfect filling snack for your weight loss program.

2. Stone fruits
Plums, apricots, peaches, nectarines, and cherries belong to this group. Stone fruits are usually low in calories and high in water content. Two small plums or four apricots contain around 60 calories; one medium peach or nectarine provides 58 calories, and 1 cup of cherries has 87 calories.

3. Kiwi
This small tropical one is full of nutrients such as vitamin C, folate, and fiber. One medium kiwifruit provides 42 kcal and 2.1 g of fiber.

4. Avocados
You may not have known this, but avocados are technically a fruit and a very fatty fruit at that! One medium avocado provides 227 kcal, 21 grams of fat, and 9.3 grams of fiber. Don’t worry; the high-fat and caloric content doesn’t mean gaining weight after eating avocados.

5. Papaya
A tropical fibrous gem, one small papaya provides 67.5 calories and 2.7 grams of fiber. It is also high in vitamin C (95.6 mg) and has an 88% water content.

So if you are ever trying to lose weight you can try some of these fruits to lose a few more pounds. Thanks for reading Canes!