Should the MLB Implement Robot Umpires?


Jaden Kirkwood, Author

The answer to this question is NO! Even with the bad calls and game-deciding decisions, if the MLB were to make the choice to fire human umpires it would be a disaster.

The first reason would be because of framing. Framing the ball to make it look like more of a strike has always been something all catchers do. With automated umpires, it will be a perfect strike zone that pitchers will have to live by. This will mean faster pitches, more velocity towards the strike zone, and fewer balls hit in play. Baseball will be less entertaining.

Pitchers would not be able to pitch towards the corners and make the umpire widen the strike zone without realizing if they are not human umpires.

The pitches that are extremely hard to hit would also be called a strike 100% of the time. These pitches would be pitches that cross low in the zone at the front edge of the plate and dive into the dirt. These pitches that have never been called strikes would then be called strikes. Pitches such as curveballs crossing the plate that are only called strikes 23% of the time by human umpires would then be called strikes 100% of the time. 

Accuracy matters, but making the choice to make all umpires a robotic system would make the game of baseball less appealing, and less fun.

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