Summer 2022 Movies

Summer 2022 Movies

Savannah Freeman, Author

Movie releases just hit differently in the summer. Here are a few films to look out for in the warmer months ahead!

Jurassic World Dominion

Friday, June 10- The future of mankind hangs in the balance as humans and dinosaurs coexist following the destruction of Isla Nublar.


Friday, June 17- Buzz Lightyear embarks on an intergalactic adventure with a group of ambitious recruits and his robot companion.

Thor: Love and Thunder

Friday, July 8- Thor attempts to find inner peace. He must return to action and recruit Valkyrie, Korg, and Jane Foster, who has become the Mighty Thor, to stop Gorr the God Butcher from eliminating all gods.

DC League of Super-Pets

Friday, July 29- Krypto the Super-Dog and Superman are inseparable best friends, sharing the same superpowers and fighting crime side by side in Metropolis.

Easter Sunday

Friday, August 5- Jo Koy stars as a struggling actor, comedian, and single father who attends a gathering of his loud and dysfunctional Filipino American family on Easter Sunday.

Let us know what movies you will go see! Thanks for reading Canes!