Our Goodbye to Mrs. Ingrid

Our Goodbye to Mrs. Ingrid

Josh Hoerner, Author

Our beloved Mrs. Ingrid is retiring. After 44 years of hard work and dedication, we wanted to thank her for all she’s done.  I decided to ask her a few questions about her retirement plans.  I hope you enjoy the interview- Josh

Q: What are your retirement plans?

A: Retirement plans are for travel and working with the Marion G Resch Foundation.  And since my husband put in a vegetable garden, I think there will be lots of weeding in my future.

Q: What are you going to miss most about New Castle?

A: What will I miss most about New Castle?   Easy, the people! What a dedicated group of professionals(and I mean everyone from the  cafeteria workers, aides, custodians, and administrative assistants, to the Faculty, staff, and Administrators.) I get to work with. Lucky me! And of course, the students!💝

Q: How long have you been at New Castle?

A: This is my 13th year at New Castle High School.  I am/was the first full-time Higher Education Specialist from Penn State for the Talent Search program.

Q: What is one hobby you enjoy now that you will be able to do a lot more during retirement?

A: My bookshelves at home are in great need of being dusted off! Too many partially read books await being finished!   But I can hardly wait to get started!

Q: Who are you going to miss most?

A: Who will I miss? Too many to name but Mrs.Gibson is more than a colleague she has become such a good friend.  It is hard to talk (or type) about it.

Q: Do you plan to travel during retirement?

A: Yes, we will travel! There are adult children in 5 different states and lots of historical sites in between!  Plus, it has been too long since I have seen my friends in England.  

Q: Who is going to take over for you?

A: Who will take over the responsibilities of the job remains unknown. the job has not yet been posted on the PSU website but I do know someone will be in the job when you all return to school next year. The grant which funds this position is good for 4 more years and PSU will certainly apply to have the grant renewed.

Q: Are you sad you are leaving us (because I am)?

A: Joshua, thank you for sharing your sentiment.  Leaving is hard to talk about sometimes because my eyes leak: and there is a bittersweet feeling of not only ending a job but a 44-year career! Yet, I am excited about what awaits.

Q: What is one moment you will never forget?

A: One moment? are you kidding?   Every day there is a moment or two or three to remember!  I am counting on those moments to keep me company as I move into retirement.

Q: What is one thing you will miss about NC?

A: How lucky am I to have had the chance to learn about and work with the New Castle schools? I think we all have worked well together.  It has been a privilege and a pleasure.  Thanks so much for asking.
We wish Mrs. Ingrid the best in her retirement.  

Thanks for all you did here at New Castle Mrs. Ingrid!! Enjoy your retirement!