Canes Seniors: What will they miss most about high school?

Canes Seniors: What will they miss most about high school?

Anthony Miller, Author

The Eye of the Hurricane staff asked our 2022 senior class what they will miss most about high school.  See their responses below:

Kenisha Jackson-My favorite teachers.

Montia Hall- The experience, my teachers.

Sarah Hunyadi- My favorite teachers and the routine I had for many years.

Madison Soukovitch- My friends and the simplicity of our lives.

Amiliana Ford- My peers, teachers, and all of the familiar faces.

Tamya Alvarado- Seeing my friends every day.

Kamari Moore-Being around my friends every day.

Juliana Evans-Being with my friends every day.

Kellie Rice-The teachers, some of my classmates.

Alexis Jows- Seeing my friends all of the time.

Hannah Faraone- My lovely teachers.

Mykell Gordon- Lunch.

Riley Powers- Lunch conversations.

Mary Baka- Seeing my friends every day!

Amelia Pope-Seeing my friends every day.

Emily Carter- Teachers and my friends, being used to the routine, and being comfortable.

Montana Pastore-Being with my friends every day and being able to make jokes constantly while studying hard.

Paydon Greathouse- Seeing my friends every day.

Olivia Pierce-My friends and teachers.

Alyssa Mccune- My friends.

Isaiah Layton-All of the people I have met.

Brady Lewis-Any of the projects.

Cheyenne Kohler-Hanging out around people.

Noah Hall- Hanging out with my friends.

Jonathan Keeser- The teachers.

Xandria Graziani- How easy it is and how we all grew up together.

India Bailey- Sports.

Logan Holmes- Being with friends.

Gavin Brain- Seeing my friends and teachers every day.

Jacob Sizer- The awesome teachers.

Congrats to the 2022 New Castle Graduates! Enjoy life!