Father’s Day Fun


Jaden Kirkwood, Author

Shortly after school is out on June 19th Father’s day occurs. Obviously, almost everyone wants to appreciate their parents someway, especially on a special day like this. Here are a few things you could do with your father to let him know you appreciate him and all he’s done for you.

Buy Gifts

Obviously, the easiest way to make someone happy is through gifts. You could cheer your father upon his special day with a new grill or fishing rod, something that interests him.

Spend Quality Time Together

Make your father happy anyway you can. Be together with him and do something he really enjoys. Give him the quality time he deserves. Fish with him and talk together. Go out to dinner and speak about life. 

Have A Cookout

Get the family together for your dad and have a nice cookout. Enjoy a nice quality day and eat some food your dad grills up. 

Tackle A Task Together

Help your dad with a chore or a repair he would normally do on his own. Some things are better done together and this is the time to show him that.

Make A Time Capsule

Nothing better than making your dad happy by capturing memories in a box for a later date. Digging up these memories, later on, is a great bonding experience and helps to remember things.


Gazing at the stars and talking about life is a great way to have some quality time with your father. Many problems can be solved with these conversations and your dad would enjoy the attention and quality time.

These are just a few things you could do with your father on his special day. Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers and father figures out there! Thanks for reading Canes!