Canes Seniors: What advice would they leave for the underclassman?


Savannah Freeman, Author

The Eye of the Hurricane staff asked our 2022 senior class what advice would they leave for the underclassman.

See their responses below:

David Krull- Don’t worry too much, your grades aren’t the most important thing in the world, you are.

Jordan Weirath- Don’t stress yourself out.

Joshua Duffy- Always push yourself even at the end.

Jocelyn Ritter- Stay in school.

Robert B-  Try to keep up with your assignments and do good on them.

Dan Gardner- Be you, not what anyone else wants you to be.

Nicholas Smiley- Cherish every moment of high school because it will be over before you know it.

Daquan Dukes- Be yourself, never stop working.

Kam Holmes- Don’t take any of it for granted because time goes fast.

Mackenzie Cavelli- Do not slack, it will make everything worse in the end.

Emily Glovier- Find your person, keep them close.

Justin Hazenstab- High school will be the best and easiest time of your life.

Camrin Sikes- If you can make a difference don’t wait until later, make your move now.

Jacob Sizer- Find ways to reduce stress.

John Hall- Don’t take your time for granted.

Audrey Hawkins- Do your work, seek help.

Dante Micaletli- Don’t wish time away.

Noah Hall- Keep your head up.

Kenisha Jackson- Don’t ever stop trying.

Montia Hall- To live it up and never for granted.

Sarah Hunyadi- Enjoy the ride, high school goes fast.

Madison Soukovich- It goes by fast, take advantage in high school.

Amiliana Ford- Pay attention, study hard but don’t forget to live life.

Tamya Alvarado- Start saving your money NOW.

Kellie Rice- Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Alexia Jows- Get your work turned in when its due.

Mary Baka- Make studying fun- study groups, find a great place to study, make pretty notes, etc.

Emily Carter– Forget about drama and live in the moment.

Alyssa Mclune- Keep up on school work.

Logan Holmes- Make as many memories as you can senior year.

Congrats to the graduating class of 2022! Enjoy life!!