NBA Finals: Boston Celtics Vs. Golden State Warriors


Angel Porras, Author

The NBA finals are back in the Chase Center or the Golden State Warriors arena since the year 2019. However, their opponent has not been seen in the final since 2010, the Boston Celtics. The number two seed of the Eastern Conference, the Boston Celtics, will face the number three seed of the Western Conference, the Golden State Warriors. The Boston Celtics are finally back in the finals after beating every team in the past 3 years that they lost to in the playoffs. Last year in the first round of the playoffs, they lost to the Brooklyn Nets in a 1 to 4 series and now they beat them 4 to 0 series in the first round. In 2020 they lost to the Miami Heat in the Conference Finals in a 2 to 4 series and now they beat them in the Conference Finals as well in a game 7. And in 2019 they lost to the Millwekie Bucks in the Conference Semi finals and now they bead them in the same Semi finals in a game 7 as well. The Golden State Warriors will try to rebuild and start a new dynasty since Kevin Durant’s departure or will the Boston Celtics will create a new dynasty after this serious? We will see soon. 

Let us know Canes who you predict will be the new NBA Championship!