Father’s Day Last Minute Ideas


Angel Porras, Author

Father’s day is coming real soon, do you have any ideas on what to get your dad/father figure. Father’s day is on June 19th, if you do not have any idea what to get him here are 5 things that any dad would love. 

  1. A smart display like the Amazon Echo Show can do a whole lot for a dad who spends a lot of time at home. Not only is it a speaker and a monitor but the device also acts as the main hub for any other smart-home appliances he may have: for instance, if he owns smart light bulbs, he can get Alexa to turn off the lights. He can even make video calls on it, allowing him to connect with friends and family near and far. For this reason, we think it would make a nice gift for the dad who is a granddad, too.
  2. If Dad misses the days of instant film, he’ll get a kick out of the Polaroid Go, a compact instant camera that Bowman praised for its sharp picture quality, reliable focus, and easy-to-use controls. “There really is something transcendent about experiencing a special moment and then holding an image of it in your hands a few seconds later,” he writes. 
  3. According to former Strategist senior editor Anthony Rotunno, this clever stand not only stores a bike with a minimal footprint but makes that bike look more like a sculpture on a pedestal. “Its base has a long, grooved leg where you’re meant to put the back wheel of a bike, and the stand’s tallest part has another groove where you’re meant to rest the part of the bike frame that supports the seat,” he explains. “Photos help explain this better than words, but basically, once a bike’s rear wheel is in the lower leg, you just need to tip it back until the frame rests on the taller groove, and voilà: Your bike is stored vertically with the only floor space occupied being whatever the compact stand is taking up.”
  4. Small, portable, and powerful, this Bluetooth speaker from Bose is a favorite among Strategist editors, politicians, and authors alike.
  5. Keeping a clean house can easily take a backseat to feedings and diaper changes for new parents. Dad will feel like a hero with this automatic vacuum — that he can program from an app.               

  Let us know Canes what you got your father’s and how your day went!!