College Baseball Regionals, Super Regionals, and National Championship


College baseball playoffs are back! 64 division one baseball teams start their post-season on Friday.  Following the conference championships this past weekend, 64 teams were placed in 16 different regionals.  There are 4 teams in each region and the winner of each regional advances to the super regional.  There are 8 different super regionals.  Those who win each super regional advance to Omaha, where they compete against the other super regional winners for a national championship.  Below are the sites and teams in each region.

Knoxville Regional Stanford Regional

1. Tennesse 1. Stanford

2. Georgia Tech 2.Texas State

3. Campbell 3. UC Santa Barbara

4. Alabama State 4.Binghamton

Statesborough Regional College Park Regional

1. Georgia Southern 1. Maryland 

2. Notre Dame 2. Wake forest

3. Texas Tech 3. Uconn

4. UNC Greensboro 4. LIU

Austin Regional Chapel Hill Regional

1. Texas 1. North Carolina

2. Lousiana Tech 2.Georgia

3. DBU 3. VCU

4. Air Force 4. Hofstra

Greenville Regional Stillwater Regional

1. Eastern Carolina 1. Oklahoma State

2. Virginia 2. Arkansas

3. Coastal Carolina 3. Grand Canyon

4. Coppin State 4.Missouri State

College Station Regional Coral Gables Regional

1. Texas A&M 1. Miami

2.TCU 2.Arizona

3. Louisiana 3. Ole Miss

4.Oral Roberts 4.Canisuis

Louisville Regional Hattiesburg Regional

1. Lousiville 1. Southern Mississippi

2. Oregon 2. LSU

3. Michigan 3. Kennesaw

4. Southeast Mo. 4. Army West Point

Gainesville Regional Auburn Regional

1. Florida 1. Auburn

2. Oklahoma 2. UCLA

3. Liberty 3. Florida State

4. Central Michigan 4. Southeastern La.

Blacksburg Regional Corvallis Regional

1. Virginia Tech 1. Oregon State

2. Gonzaga 2. Vanderbilt

3. Columbia 3. San Diego

4. Wright State 4.New Mexico

Super Regional 

Winner of Statesboro Regional vs Winner of Knoxville Regional;@Knoxville

Winner of Austin Regional vs Winner of Greenville regional;@Greenville 

Winner of College Station regional vs Winner of Louisville regional;@College Station

Winner of Gainesville regional vs Winner of Blacksburg regional;@Blacksburg

Winner of Stanford regional vs Winner of College Park regional;@Stanford

Winner of Chapel Hill regional vs Winner of Stillwater regional;@Stillwater

Winner of Coral Gables regional vs Winner of Hattiesburg regional;@Coral Gables

Winner of Auburn Regional vs Winner of Corvallis Regional;@Corvallis 

This is a super exciting time for teams this year.  The regional starts this Friday, June 3.  The super-regional starts next Friday, June 10, and the National Championship tournament in Omaha takes place from June 17-25.  This is super exciting and I, as well as many others, are anxious to see who wins Omaha this year!  Good luck to all the teams competing, go get ‘em!